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Hydro-Tech At A Glance

Beijing Hydro-Tech Marine Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and specialized in the territory of hydrographic surveying and underwater exploring with core independent technologies and strive for continuous innovations.

Following company strategy, Hydro-Tech focuses on underwater exploring equipment research & development. We are the market leader in the country for supplying multi-beam echo sounder, side scan sonar, sound velocity measurement, imaging sonar and inertial navigation systems, these equipment are widely applying to various underwater projects. Adhering high quality and standardized product philosophy, our products are well acknowledged by customers and dominate the market share since the time released in the country.

Besides standard and customized products, we can also take advantage of our strong R & D knowhow and hydrographic expertise to provide thoughtful consultation service or one-stop solution for special customer requirement



AlphaGeo is a leading UK-based distributer for Commercial Drones/UAVs & Payloads, ROVs/Underwater Drones, Survey Equipment.

Since 2015 we have focused on novel high-tech products that assist with creating more accurate, reliable and cost-effective workflows for the industry. Our knowledgeable survey technicians and geoscientists use their industry experience to provide advice on what products may best meet your needs.

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