Collection: Robotics

Our range of robotics equipment encompasses a variety of tools and devices used in the field of robotics. This includes sensors for detecting the environment, actuators for movement, microcontrollers for processing, and power sources. Control boards and software are crucial for programming and managing robot behaviour. 

Advanced systems may incorporate cameras, LiDAR, and other technologies for perception. Overall, robotics equipment forms the technological foundation enabling the creation, control, and automation of robotic systems for diverse applications such as manufacturing, healthcare, and exploration.



AlphaGeo is a leading UK-based distributer for Commercial Drones/UAVs & Payloads, ROVs/Underwater Drones, Survey Equipment.

Since 2015 we have focused on novel high-tech products that assist with creating more accurate, reliable and cost-effective workflows for the industry. Our knowledgeable survey technicians and geoscientists use their industry experience to provide advice on what products may best meet your needs.

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