About AlphaGeo

Welcome to AlphaGeo where innovation takes flight and exploration reaches new depths.

AlphaGeo is a UK-based reseller of Drones/UAVS & Payloads (Camera, LiDAR, Sensors & Sonar) ROVS/Underwater Drones. 

We also have a extensive range of Survey Equipment (Land & Hydrographic) including GNSS, Multibeam, Side Scan Sonar & Sound Velocity) & Software. From hardware and Software, AlphaGeo has the right equipment for your needs all available to buy online.

Since 2015 we have focused on novel high-tech products that assist with creating more accurate, reliable and cost-effective workflows for the industry. Our knowledgeable survey technicians and geoscientists use their industry experience to provide advice on what products may best meet your needs.

All equipment is robustly tested in-house to ensure reliability, accuracy and ease-of-use.

As specialists in the realm of commercial drones, survey equipment, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), and cutting-edge software solutions, we are your trusted partner for seamlessly integrating technology into your operations.

At AlphaGeo, we leverage the power of unmanned systems to redefine possibilities. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Whether it's precision surveys, aerial inspections, or underwater exploration, we are committed to delivering unparalleled performance and reliability.

Our Core Offerings:

  1. Commercial Drones: Soar to new heights with our state-of-the-art commercial drone solutions. From aerial surveys and mapping to industrial inspections, our fleet of drones is equipped to handle diverse applications with precision and efficiency.
  2. Payload Innovation: Customize your operations with our cutting-edge payload solutions. Tailored to meet specific mission requirements, our payloads enhance the capabilities of your drones and ROVs for a diverse range of applications.
  3. Survey Equipment: Empower your projects with advanced survey equipment designed to capture accurate and detailed data. Our range of survey tools ensures that you have the insights you need for informed decision-making.
  4. UAV Expertise: Explore the skies without boundaries using our UAVs. Whether it's monitoring vast landscapes or accessing hard-to-reach areas, our unmanned aerial vehicles are engineered for versatility and performance.
  5. ROV Solutions: Dive into the depths with confidence using our Remotely Operated Vehicles. Our ROVs are equipped with cutting-edge technology to navigate and capture data in challenging underwater environments.
  6. Software Solutions: Harness the power of intelligent software designed to streamline your workflows. From data analysis to mission planning, our software solutions are crafted to enhance the capabilities of our hardware and provide seamless integration into your processes.

Why Choose AlphaGeo:

  • Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of the industries we serve. Trust us to provide solutions that meet the highest standards of excellence.
  • Innovation: We stay ahead of the curve by embracing the latest technological advancements. Expect innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible.
  • Reliability: Your success is our priority. Count on us for reliable products and services that deliver consistent performance in every mission.

Order online, call our friendly specialists or sign up for and join the AlphaGeo community, as we redefine the landscape of aerial and underwater exploration. Experience the freedom of possibilities with our specialized solutions. Let us be your partner in embracing the possibilities that emerge when cutting-edge technology meets unwavering precision. Elevate, submerge, and soar to new heights with AlphaGeo.

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