Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy : Personal Information: We will usually ask for information that personally identifies you and/or allows us to get in touch with you. Generally speaking, this information will mainly be limited to name, company, telephone, email address and location, however additional information may be required depending on your request.

We may collect information that will allow us to:

Tailor your experience with AlphaGeoUK and improve our customer service.

Develop our website and make sure that everything is correctly updated based on your feedback.

Send you email updates regarding new products/services/etc. and any other information that may improve your experience with AlphaGeoUK.

Please note: AlphaGeoUK is a brand of Geo-4D Ltd.

Your information may be passed onto and used by other Geo-4D Ltd. brands to enhance your experience, on the condition that the correct permissions have been received if necessary. We occasionally hire external companies to provide limited services for us, and in such cases we will ensure that measures have been taken to guarantee the safety and protection of your information.

AlphaGeoUK (Geo-4D Ltd) will not distribute or share any of your personal information with 3rd parties and non-affiliated companies, nor will we use your personal information for commercial purposes. If it is necessary to pass on certain details to fulfil your request, we will follow the procedures listed in the above section.

You have the right to access, correct and delete your personal information at any time by writing to us.