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Hydro-Tech MS400C Fully All-in-one Multibeam Echo Sounder

Hydro-Tech MS400C Fully All-in-one Multibeam Echo Sounder

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MS400C is a new generation of portable fully all-in-one multibeam echo sounder which has built-in SVS, IMU, GNSS and deck unit. It can perfectly work in the enclosed spaces and avoid overheating even after long term exposure in sunshine in summer. The features of quick-to-deploy, extremely small space requirements, minimal cable connections and reliable performance are perfect for integration to small USV. Its lighter weight is no problem for one person hand carry and operation.


  • Fully All-in-one: Transducer, SVS, IMU, GNSS, deck unit are fully integrated in one housing. What the surveyor need to do is to install the transducer and GNSS antenna. Compact design will reduce mis operation and cut off the pressure of complicated working process training.
  • High Precision Data: Built-in Sound Velocity Sensor will help to make the sounding depth accuracy much more accurate, since it can get accurate sound velocity accuracy real-time.
  • Cost Effective: The solution of MS400C integration with small USV is suitable for surveying in most conditions of inland water areas and best fit the customer with limited budget.
  • Easy Operation: 5 minutes’ operation of installation, cable connection and starting to collect data. Simplified working process with auto-survey setting can reduce the difficulties for surveyors and greatly enhance survey efficiency.
  • Flexible Transporation & Easy Depolyment: Light as 5.5kg weight and small as 22cm diameter, MS400C can be flexible to replace ADCP of small USV and put in the car trunk and deliver on-site.
  • Reliable Performance: Adapt to working in many harsh and bad heat dissipation condition, especially in USV cabin under too much sun exposure. We had tested it in various working environments, all work well with good data results.
  • Wide Sounding Range: The latest HydroQuest algorithm supports to work at any angle and can easily covers all survey in shallow water with sounding depth range from 0.5 to 200m.

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Technical Specifications
Working Frequency 400kHz
Depth Resolution 0.75cm
No. of Beams 512
Working Modes Equiangular or Equidistance
Vertical Receiving Beam Width 1.4°
Parallel Projecting Beam Width 2°
Max. Ping Rate 60Hz
Signal Type CW/Chirp
Swath Coverage 143°
Pulse Width 30μs ~ 8ms
Depth Range 0.2~200m+*
Max. Working Depth 50m
*Depending on environmental conditions.
Physical Specifications
Transducer φ220mm*139mm(Without connector)
Transducer Weight 6.5kg (In the air)


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