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Premium Positioning

Annual RTK Premium subscription

Annual RTK Premium subscription

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Annual RTK correction subscription from Premium Positioning

Limited 120hrs/qtr. & 1GB/per month sim data with or without M2M Sim Card

Unlimited hours & 1GB/per month sim data with or without M2M Sim Card

Premium Positioning is an industry-leading and cost-effective GNSS correction service enabling you to rapidly reach centimetre (1cm) accuracy on your GNSS device.

Effortlessly connect the global RTK Premium and brand-independent GNSS network to your device, and start measuring accurately.

Highlights include:

  • Globally present with more than 2,000 base stations
  • Accuracy of <1.5cm with European certification
  • Availability in 25+ European countries
  • Proven with >30.000 running RTK accounts
  • Compatible with every GNSS device
  • Dense with average baseline distance of 70 km
  • EU Certified ETRF coordinates

The Network RTK subscription is available with or without an M2M SIM.

In order to use the Network RTK, your device should be connected to the internet.
If you are in an area where a certain GSM connection is unavailable, You may be able to purchase an M2M Sim from Premium Positioning or another provider.

More Info

RTK Premium in 25 Countries
Our RTK network offers centimeter-level accuracy, making it the ideal choice for customers who require the highest level of precision in their operations. Our network consists of 2000 base stations across 25 European countries, ensuring that our customers have access to accurate and reliable positioning data wherever they are. Our baseline distance of 70 km allows for even greater accuracy and precision in complex applications. Our purpose-built positioning management


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