Collection: Cerulean Sonar

Cerulean Sonar is a spin-out of Digi Labs, a Minnesota based new product incubator. The Digi Labs R&D shop was set up by Larry Lukis, retired Founder, CTO, and Chairman of ProtoLabs, the world’s fastest manufacturer of custom prototypes and on-demand production parts. An avid boater and inveterate engineer, Larry has been interested in marine robotics for many years. Larry was an early investor in several marine-oriented ventures including Autonomous Marine Systems, Blue Robotics, JM Robotics, Open Water Power, Riptide, Ropeless Systems, and SeaTrac. Meanwhile, one of the first initiatives at the Digi Labs incubator was an acoustic positioning system for underwater vehicles, while other acoustic developments started in parallel. This was the genesis of what is now Cerulean Sonar.

Cerulean Sonar


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