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The World's Most Innovative Underwater Drones. Explore the unexplored with CHASING Underwater Drones. Start shopping for consumer-grade or light-industrial-grade underwater ROVs with cameras.

Chasing Innovation is a world-leading company in the field of underwater drone technology, providing a range of consumer-grade and industrial-grade remotely controlled vehicle (ROV) products that enable individuals and organizations to explore the underwater world in novel and unconventional ways.

They are frequently used for many specific situations, such as underwater search and rescue missions and emergency security. These versatile vehicles are also utilized for hull inspections, ocean science and research, as well as monitoring and maintaining underwater infrastructure including offshore wind farms and aquaculture facilities. 

Chasing Innovation


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Since 2015 we have focused on novel high-tech products that assist with creating more accurate, reliable and cost-effective workflows for the industry. Our knowledgeable survey technicians and geoscientists use their industry experience to provide advice on what products may best meet your needs.

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