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Chasing Gladius Mini S 100m Package

Chasing Gladius Mini S 100m Package

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Chasing Gladius Mini S 100m Package

  • GLADIUS MINI S is a portable, easy-to-use and reliable consumer-grade underwater drone that can be used for creative underwater photography, diving exploration and safety inspections. It is easy to use and carry and has a compact aluminium alloy body.
  • The GLADIUS MINI S underwater drone supports the assembly of a gripping claw, sports cameras and more. More play options, more fun.
  • The patented anti-stuck motor technology significantly reduces the chance of the motor getting stuck in the sand and works safely and reliably in all kinds of complicated underwater environments.
  • The remote control supports Wi-Fi and data transmission cable connection to mobile phones/tablet devices, and wired transmission is more stable, completely solving the problem of Wi-Fi disconnection during use
  • Equipped with two 4800 mAh batteries. The battery life of GLADIUS MINI S is up to 4 hours
  • With a maximum speed of 4 knots (2 m/s), a maximum diving depth of up to 100 meters and a maximum horizontal recording radius of up to 200 meters, the GLADIUS MINI S underwater drone meets your requirements for
  • Equipped with a 1/2.3 SONY CMOS, EIS anti-video shake function, F1.8 lens and 2400 lumens LED lights, the GLADIUS MINI S underwater drone can clearly capture underwater details even in low light

Chasing Gladius Mini S 100m Package includes ROV, remote controller, 64G SD Car, GoPro Mounting Base & 100 Meter Tether,

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