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Share UAV 102S Pro v2

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Designed to dock seamlessly with the DJI M300, the Share UAV 102S is used for conducting urban photogrammetry missions. Each of the five cameras has a focal length of 35 mm with a combined effective resolution of 120MP.

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Product Description

Multifunctional and cost saving

Integrated oblique photography, orthophoto in one. Nadir – view lens can work separately for 2D mapping.
Saves shutter and extended camera life.

Manpower-saving with GCP free

Independent POS. One operator could complete the whole process of data collection and processing.

Timesaving with simple operation

Easy to install with efficient operation. Deeply integrated with DJI.

Excellent 3D model render ability

Total 120MP combined, cm-level independent POS data. Realistic models completed easily!

Master of mapping lens

The Share 102S has special lenses which will make mapping easier. Wide angle means overlap easier.

Energy saving payload

Aviation aluminium alloy CNC housing is durable and light at only 670g.
Lightweight reduces burden on UAV and means longer flight times and increased efficiency.

Visible information in built in OLED screen

Iconic OLED screen in front of the housing which displays RTK status and the number of images taken from each perspective in real time. This means it clear to see what is happening in your work flow and confirm with payload.

Professional economical aerial survey solution

5 Lens Oblique Camera.

Technical specification
  • Power supply: DC 12 – 48 V
  • Endurance power supply by drone power on/off Auto on/off data transfer type – C cable storage 1280 GB
  • Effective pixels single lens: 24 million (total 120 million pixels) sensor size APS-C (23.5*15.6 mm) pixel size 3.91 um
  • Image Resolution 3:2 (6000 × 4000)
  • Tilt degree: 45° lens qty 5 pcs focal length nadir: 25 mm, oblique: 35 mm
  • Exposure time: ≥0.6 s exposure mode flight control trigger working temperature -10 °C – 40 °C
  • Humidity: ≤95%
  • Size: 150 × 150 × 115 mm
  • Weight ≈ 880 g
  • Size:120*120*83mm; 171*192*185mm (with gimbal)
  • Weight:600g; 1100g (with gimbal)
  • IP Grade:IP5X
  • Support UAV Models: DJI M300 RTK other fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAVs
  • Working Temperature:-10°C-40°C
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C-50°C
  • Absolute Precision: Plane precision: 3cm, height precision: 5cm GSD=3cm,
  • flight speed 15m/s, front overlap 80%, side overlap 70%; -Camera Power Supply: External: DC 12-50V
  • Camera Interface: DJI Sky port Interface & Common Interface
  • Effective Pixels: Single lens ≥ 25 million pixels, > 125 million pixels in total -Sensor: Sensor size: 23.1×15.4mm (APS-C)
  • Pixel size: 3.76um
  • Image Size:6144×4096 px
  • Data Storage: Photo/POS file with GPS information and camera parameter information
  • Focal Lens: Oblique: 35mm, normal incidence: 25mm
  • Oblique Angle:45 Degree
  • ISO Interval:50-200,50-400,50-640,50-800,50-1000,50-1600
  • Shutter Speed:1/500,1/640,1/800,1/1000,1/1250
  • Aperture Size: F5.6
  • Storage Capacity: The data storage module is pluggable and removable with 1280GB capacity. -Shooting Interval:≥ 0.5S
  • Parameter Adjustment: Support modifying ISO, white balance, colour mode, shutter speed and other para meters; Support modifying the parameters by DJI Pilot -Data Copying: Copying data by data reading module, the copying speed can reach 300Mb/s
  • Operating Mode: Flight control trigger/isometric trigger/isochronous trigger
  • Stable System:3-axis (Pitch, roll, yaw)
  • Installation Method: DJI quickly disassembled and installed Sky port interface ; Universal adapter for connecting third-party UAV port -Gimbal Rotating Range: Pitch:-120°-+45°;Roll:±45°;Yaw:±160°


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