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Behind the scenes with the West Midlands Police Drone Unit who hunt criminals from the sky Ever wondered how the West Midlands Police Drone Unit operates? Get an exclusive look into their world with the brand-new police investigation series, “Sky Coppers” on Channel 4. 🚁👮‍♂️ The series showcases how drone technology assists officers in their investigations, tracking criminals from …
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Drone’s have become a widely used method for gathering useful data in the surveying industry. They are more accurate than other methods, can reach places humans can’t get to, and can do the job quickly and efficiently. Have you used a drone for mapping and surveying? Let us know about it in the comments below.

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), more commonly known as a drone, is a high tech piece of equipment used in many diverse industries 🛩️ Did you know all of this info about UAVs? Drop a comment below to let us know, and be sure to save the post if it was useful!