Tersus TAS-Z1


TAS-Z1 adopts a new ranging system, with a longer measurement range and faster speed. Laser pointing technology on the same vertical axis provides more accurate alignment. Full number+letter keyboard for faster input. The latest circuit design reduces battery power consumption. A brand new ranging circuit system adopts an ultra-low noise broadband amplifier with independent intellectual property rights, greatly improving measurement accuracy. Dual-face keyboards with buttons illumination to minimize mistakes provide optimum viewing and convenience under any environmental conditions.

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RTK license gives you a precise, real-time positioning method to enhance your operations and collect incredible data.

Product Description

Key Features

  • The noise phase analysis method is used to greatly reduce the interference of various noises on the phase measurement results under bad weather and small-signal conditions
  • 150MHz modulation frequency, shorter precision measurement ruler, and higher accuracy at the same signal-to-noise ratio and phase discrimination resolution
  • The new optical path design fully isolates the transmitting and receiving optical signals, ensuring high accuracy
  • Built-in bluetooth and PC connected through bluetooth, using communication software for bidirectional wireless data transmission
  • Connect with mobile devices such as mobile phones through Bluetooth, and perform real-time communication and control through measurement software
  • Support EXCEL table data and DAT data import and export;
  • It can display 19-bit code, and the road stakeout point information is clear at a glance
  • Add known point files, all projects can call known point coordinates
  • A brand new road measurement program that can calculate horizontal and vertical curves of any type of road, allowing for discontinuous changes in the radius of horizontal curves, including non-complete transition curves with any large deviation angle, straight line elements with straight turning points, and any broken chain piles


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