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SS3060 Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar Tow fish, 300/600kHz


SS3060 (Seagull) is a dual-band broadband high-definition side-scan sonar. it adopts broadband signal processing, variable aperture technology, image equalization, 4K HD display technology and other technologies to realize wide scanning range and high definition. It has been widely used in shallow water applications of underwater engineering inspection, pipeline investigation, emergency and rescue etc. Download Brochure Here


Product Description

Main Features

  • High Resolution: With 60kHz bandwidth signal, SS3060 adopt pulse compression or very short pulse transmission to improve the ranging resolution in the vertical track direction from the system level and so improve image resolution.
  • Dual Frequency working at the same time: 300kHz is for bigger range and 600kHz for high resolution, they would not interfere with each other.
  • Clear Near or Far: With variable aperture dynamic focusing technology to enhance image field depth and effectivly resolve side scan sonar traditional near field blur problem, SS3060 scanning image is very clear no matter near field or far away.
  • Delicate image: innovative image equalization technology is adopted to enhance image contrast and present the terrain background image in high-definition.
  • Diversified Applications: Cable and pipeline survey, hydrological survey, archaeological survey, ocean energy and mining resources survey, environmental protection investigation and port safety, etc


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