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Sniffer4D Mini

A Multi-gas Detection & Mapping System for DJI M30/M30T

Sniffer4D Mini2 consists of a compact yet powerful multi-gas detection hardware, and user-friendly analytic software. This system can measure and visualize real-time 3D gas concentration distributions. By providing timely & actionable information, Sniffer4D Mini2 helps first responders, oil & gas industry, environmental protection agencies, and researchers improve efficiency, mitigate risks, and reduce costs.

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Product Description

Sense Up to 9 Gases at a Time

Sniffer4D is able to obtain up to 9 gas concentration distributions at one time. Users can flexibly choose or alter their sensor configurations that suit their applications and budgets.

See Your Real-time Data, Anywhere

Sniffer4D’s built-in cellular connectivity & US-based Cloud server enable secure real-time data transmission with unlimited range to decision makers in different locations.

One-click Result Delivery

After a mission, simply click a button to generate a mission report containing key results, or a CSV file containing all the raw data. Reporting your work has never been easier.

Seamless Integration with DJI M30/M30T

Sniffer4D Mini2’s all-new industrial and structural designs bring significant reduction in its size and weight, maximizing M30’s flight time. The new quick-release mount and cable connection, shorten the operation preparation time even further.



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