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Chasing Waterproof Remote Controller With Screen


Chasing Waterproof Remote Controller with screen is provided with a 7-inch touch screen with a brightness maximally up to 700nit.

Product Description

High-brightness touch screen

Chasing Waterproof Remote Controller with Screen is provided with a 7-inch touch screen with a brightness maximally up to 700nit.

5-Point industrial touch design

The touch screen adopts 5-point industrial touch design, which is easy to operate and responsive. The remote controller is equipped with a light shield, making the screen still clear under the direct sunlight.

IP65 Waterproof rating

Chasing Waterproof Remote Controller with screen has IP65 waterproof rating, sustainable in short-light rain, moderate rain, and seawater splash causing by waves.

Multiple uncomplicated shortcut keys to achieve human-computer integration

The remote controller has 6 uncomplicated shortcut keys. The new spring-based control sticks are used with screen-side keys and wavy wheel to flexibly adjust the floodlight brightness, complete underwater motions, switch the photo/video mode, and perform other shortcut actions. The multi-functional key is used to switch the right lever to control the ROV horizontal rolling angle / the grabber arm to achieve human-machine integration and smooth operation.

6 commonly used ports, satisfying various requirement

In addition to the ROV connection port, the remote controller is also equipped with 1 network port (used for network cable connection or connection to two remote controllers through the network port to enter the “Observer Mode”), 1 USB-C port (used to charge the remote controller), 2 USB ports (used to insert a USB flash drive and connect a mobile phone for data transmission), and 1 HDMI port (used to connect an external display screen).

Extreme temperature endurance

Chasing Waterproof Remote Controller with Screen maintains stable performance at -10 ℃ to 55 ℃ environment.

Intelligent and energy-saving

Equipped with intelligent high temperature warning interface, which will give a prompt warning if the controller is overheating in case of outdoor service to ensure the best user experience. You can choose the energy-saving mode, the controller will automatically shut down after 5 minutes of standby.

Ultra-long battery life

Chasing Waterproof Remote Controller with Screen, has a built-in 7000mAh battery, can work continuously for about 5 hours at 20 ℃/-25 ℃ at full load.

3 Modes of connection, multiple entertainment function

The remote controller supports three connection methods: WIFI, external mobile network card and wired network. It can not only complete work tasks, but also can be used as a tablet computer – listening to music, watching movies, etc., without interference from complex signal environments, and keeping the transmitted data confidential.


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