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Stay ahead of the competition with PIX4Dmatic’s latest updates. At AlphaGeo, we’re proud to be resellers of Pix4D, bringing you the best in commercial drone software

🚀 PIX4Dmatic 1.47, is changing the drone and terrestrial mapping industry with its new features

📁 The Open Photogrammetry Format (OPF) is a game-changer, offering a new standard for photogrammetry file formats. It allows for easy storage, exchange, and collaboration on photogrammetric data, making your projects more efficient and collaborative.

🔒 For those who prioritise data security PIX4Dmatic now offers offline licenses. This is a significant development for professionals in police public safety and critical infrastructure

📍 The ability to manually scale and orient projects is a major step forward, especially for those working on projects where accurate geolocation is not available.

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