CHASING M2 PRO ROV | Light Industrial-Grade Underwater Drone for Professional Scenario


The M2 Pro is the bigger, more powerful brother to the M2. Capable of diving to 150 meters and with a battery life of up to 4 hours, the M2 Pro is ideal for a wider range of professional and industrial applications. Like the M2, the M2 Pro retains the excellent inbuilt 4K/ 1080p and 12 megapixel EIS image stabilization camera, 4000 lumen LED lights, 8 Vectored Thrusters, removable battery and removable SD memory card. Its aluminium alloy compact body (weighing just 5.7kg) allows for a single person
to deploy and operate it.

Swappable Battery

The large-capacity lithium battery of Chasing M2 PRO is removable and can be charged independently. Multiple batteries can be used alternately, which greatly extends underwater working time.

Anti-Stuck Motor

The anti-stuck 150W motors have been upgraded by 50% compared to the Chasing M2 motor, and provide the M2 Pro with the ability to resist a water current of 4 knots (2m/s) in all directions.

Multi-Angle Shooting Unlimited Battery Life with AC & DC Power Supply Accurate Hover

The Chasing M2 PRO works with both AC and battery power supply. The default 300Wh high-capacity lithium battery can be substituted for an optional 700Wh lithium battery which is able to work up to 5 hours. When used in conjunction with the optional external AC equipment, it is possible to achieve unlimited battery life.

More compatible attachments

The M2 Pro can attach up to four pieces of equipment to it at once with the use of the docking module, including the Robot Claw, external LED lights, USBL, Multibeam and laser scaler.

Dive Up to 150 Meters to Explore More Unknowns

The waterproof level of Chasing M2 PRO body has been upgraded to 150 meters (490 FT), enabling it to dive deeper and explore more underwater unknowns.

Insight Statistics

Great benefits from such a compact ROV

4K EIS Image Stabilization Camera

Built-in 4K/12MP camera, 1/2.3 SONY CMOS, EIS stabilization feature. With 4000 lumens LED lights, the camera of Chasing M2 PRO can capture every detail clearly underwater.

0 K
Video Resolution
0 M
Max. photo pixel
0 °
-4 .8"

Omni-Directional Movement, Multi-Angle Shooting

Chasing M2 PRO has 8 vectored thrusters which allows for omni-directional movement. The depth can be set with one key, which can ensures the ROV will accurately hover, providing a stable platform for inspection or photography work.


Forward & Backward

Lateral Movement

Floating & Diving

Turn Left & Right

Rolling 360°

±90° Pitch and Tilt

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