Redefining Aerial Surveying

Meet Marlyn

Fly in the Toughest Winds, up to 45km/h

Survey Anytime

With Marlyn, those ‘no-go’ days are turned into routine projects. You get the benefit of flying in wind conditions of up to 45km/h (12m/s) at ground level, and 55km/h (15m/s) at cruise altitude resulting in up to 30% more operational days per month.

Use the historical wind speed tool on the Atmos website to see how many additional days you could have flown in the last 12 months over other VTOL Fixed-wing UAV’s.

Survey Anywhere

The beauty of a VTOL drone means Marlyn only needs a 2x2m flat area to take off and land allowing you to be flexible in your operations, no more having to find a nice long stretch of land for landing.

Marlyn comes complete with an easy backpack for transport with plenty of storage pockets, making it perfect for those heading off the beaten track.

Accuracy is King

Accuracy is king in the surveying world. Attain accuracies as low as 1cm with Sony’s 42MP, full-frame RX1RII when combined with Septentrio’s PPK module, an Aerial surveying match made in heaven!

Not ready for PPK just yet? No problem! The PPK hardware is fitted as default, so there’s no need to return the aircraft for an upgrade. Just purchase the license key dongles when ready and keep on flying.

Increased Efficiency

With Marlyn you can take-off, survey, and land comfortably in winds of up to 45km/h (28mph), more than any other survey drone. Try Atmos’ Wind Calculator to see how many days more you can survey with Marlyn.

Not ready for PPK just yet, no problem! The PPK hardware is fitted as default, there’s no need to return the aircraft for an upgrade, just purchase the license key dongles when ready and keep on flying.

Technical Specs:

Take-off & landing area

2 x 2 m [7 x 7 ft ] required

Set-up time

5 minutes

Autonomous flight


Take-off and landing


Emergency procedures

Automatic (configurable)

Cruise speed

65 km/h [40 mph]

Wind resistance

Take off: 45 km/h [28 mph] /

Cruise: 55 km/h [34 mph] /

Landing: 45 km/h [28 mph]

Max flight time

50 mins*

Pre-flight checklist

Integrated intelligent checklist in Atmos Navigator

Temperature range

-10°C - 40°C [14°F - 104°F]


Not required with optional PPK module

Drone Type
Hybrid (VTOL & fixed-wing)
Weight without payload
5.7kg (incl batteries)
Max payload weight
Up to 1 kg
1.6 m (detachable wings)
Built in safety lights
2 Navigation lights, 2 Anti-collision lights — 1km [0.6 miles] of visibility
4 electric motors
Ingress protection
IP54 — It is not recommended to fly in fog, rain and snow
Telemetry module range
Default 7km LOS
Camera options
RGB (Sony RX1RII, A7C), Multispectral (Micasense RedEdge-MX, Altum)
Included accessories
Backpack, 2x battery sets, charger, remote control, Navigator modem, maintenance kit
Durable structural EPP with carbon fibre frame
Atmos Navigator
Marlyn's flight planning and telemetry software
Atmos GeoTagger
Marlyn's geo-referencing software
Marlyn Update Center
Marlyn's firmware upload software
Operating system
Photogrammetry software
Compatible with Pix4D, Metashape, SimActive, and more
Input files
.KML, .KMZ, .GeoTIFF, .MBTiles, .WMTS

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