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Exciting News! Introducing the Sony A6100 Oblique šŸ“·

We’re proud atĀ AlphaGeoĀ to announce a compelling enhancement to ourĀ AtmosĀ camera offering – the Sony A6100 Oblique! This 24MP sensor provides a cost-effective solution for accurate surveying, while its fixed 12mm wide-angle lens enhances 3D urban surveys.

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Sony A6100

A great RGB camera for an even greater price! The Sony A6100 is a 24 MP sensor which provides GSD results as low as 1.96cm [0.8 in]. Fitted with a Meike 12mm wide-angle lens, it also provides fantastic coverage and is great for capturing oblique features for 3D mapping of urban sites.

1.96 Lowest GSD

24 Megapixel

Sensor format APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm)

Shutter type Focal Plane Shutter

Absolute horizontal accuracy Down to 2 cm [0.8 in]

Absolute vertical accuracy Down to 4 cm [1.6 in]

Horizontal field of view 90Ā°

Vertical field of view 67.4Ā° (-7.7Ā°, +49.7Ā°)

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