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Our latest Atmos video, “Let’s Fly!”, featuring Marlyn Cobalt, is taking the internet by storm 🌐 Witness the seamless take-off, check out Marlyn’s flight manoeuvres up close like never seen before, and the perfect landing of Marlyn. 🔍 Curious about the technology behind this marvel? Learn more about Marlyn Cobalt and how it’s transforming the surveying landscape.

The Environmental Ministry of Korea using Unitree Robotics GO2 with Sniffer4D Mini2 multi-gas sensing system for hazardous gases detection from Soarability. This impressive set up is available from AlphaGeo in the UK. The solution can meet the need for multi-scenario applications and achieve near-ground detection work flexibly and quickly. Real-time detection of toxic and hazardous …
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TrueView 435 SaaS LiDAR from AlphaGeo is the most economical platform for utility-grade mapping. This next generation compact 3D Imaging System has high sensitivity needed for infrastructure mapping, and is superior in the ground capturing capabilities for lightly vegetated areas.

At AlphaGeo via our Premium Positioning partnership, we’re committed to elevating precision in your industry through collaborative innovation. Our latest milestone: partnering with companies to seamlessly integrate Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) technology into their products, ensuring unmatched accuracy and efficiency. 🌟 Why Our RTK Integration Matters:✅ Native Integration: Our products come RTK-ready, eliminating the need for additional software. Seamlessly upgrade …
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